Dear young violinist,

in front of you is a new musical game, Happy Notes.

It will help you get familiar with different scales and finger placements

in the first position. First, your violin teacher will explain the rules to you.

Listen to them carefully, so that you can play by yourself later on.

Each separate string has its own card with a staff that tells the story.

You put the cards on the staff so that they make a story. If you don't remember the name for a note or

finger number/ finger position, you can help yourself by looking at the symbol at the back of the card.

This way you can check if you named the note and finger position on individual string correctly.

The didactic game Happy Notes will also help you when you play your first scales. In the envelope you can find special cards with rainbow clefs that open individual tonalities according to their accidentals.

You can get some advice from your teacher.

Each string reveals a story with its special meaning. The first one is about affection and love, the second about friendship, the third about playing and perseverance and the last one is about compassion and joy.

All these feelings can also be found in music and expressed through it.

You can tune each story told by Happy Notes too.

Try to compose your own melody and don't forget to learn finger positions well.

This way you will learn your song by heart more easily and will be able to play it to your friends later on.

For composing, you can use the long staff that is hidden in the envelope.

On it you will find some characters from Happy Notes which you can color as you wish. This long staff is also a riddle: it illustrates a very famous piece for violin and string orchestra.

I wish you a lot of success with your music exploration and hope that the game Happy Notes will be of great help

and support.




                                                                                                                                          Inga Ulokina,prof.,


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